Range   Area of Range Circle 1 Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4
CIT-I CHD Range 1 DCIT S.1to16,IA-II Income/Loss  Ananpur Sahib and  I.A.Ph.-II Chd. Sec.1 To 9  Sec. 10-12, 14-16 
      ANANDPUR SAHIB  >Rs.5 Lakhs  Nangal      
  Range 2 DCIT S.17 & 18, IA-I Income/Loss  I.A. Ph.-1 Chd. DISTT.ROPAR EXCEPT Sec 17-18 Sub. Tehsil Morinda 
      DISTT.ROPAR EXCEPT >Rs.5 Lakhs   ANANDPUR & NANGAL    and Chamkaur Sahib
      ANANDPUR & NANGAL         
  Range 3 DCIT S.19 to 25 Mani Majra Income/Loss  Sector 19, 23-25 Sector 20-21 S.22 Manimajra
        >Rs.5 Lakhs        
CIT-II CHD  Range 4 DCIT S.28 to 39 of UT  Income/Loss  S.36 to 39 S.28 To 30 S.31,33 and 34 S.32 & 35
        >Rs.5 Lakhs        
  Range 5 DCIT S.26,27, 40 to 61 and  Income/Loss  S.26 To 27 of Chd. Sec 40 to 44 of UT Chd Sector 45-49 of UT Sec 50 to 61 
      Villages of UT Chd. >Rs.5 Lakhs       Villages of UT
  Range 6 DCIT District of SAS Income/Loss  Ph.VIII (S.62),Ph IX (S.63), Ph. I(55), II(54), IV & V(59), VI(56) Ph.3A(53), Ph. 3B1&3B2(60) Area of Tehsil Dera 
      Nagar, Mohali, Punjab >Rs.5 Lakhs Ph X (S.64) Ph XI (S.65), I.A. Ph. IX IA Ph.I to VI (57-58) Villages  Ph.VII(61), Bassi in Distt. Mohali
          Sec 66 to 69, Sector 76 onward Mohali,Madanpura & Shahi Majra I.A Ph.VII & VIII (Extension)  
          All Villages of Tehsil Mohali except and other adjoining villages. Ph.VIII (B) Sec. 72 to 75  
          ITO ward 6(2) & 6(3) . Tehsil. Kharar   Sec. 70, 71 & Vill Mataur   
CIT PKL Range 1 DCIT Distt.Panchkula Income/Loss  S.7to19 IA Ph.II & Co.Cases >50000/- S.1 to 6   IA Ph.I S.22 to 28, Trust & Co-op Soc. HMT,Pinjore 
        >Rs.5 Lakhs Emp.A to C Emp.I to N Emp.O to Z Business Kalka Tehsil
                Emp.D to H
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